NBG Home is a global manufacturer of unrivaled home decor products that are loved by consumers and retailers alike. Through brands you have come to know and respect, we craft unforgettable products that drive sales for our retail partners and fill homes with style and functionality. We are your home for style.

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Why Choose NBG Home?

An attractive young woman choosing fabric and pattern samples

Expertise & Market Knowledge

We pride ourselves on partnering with cust­omers, acting as mar­keting and merch­andising con­sultants to help max­imize profits. Lead by highly-seasoned ind­ustry experts, we bring cust­omers an unprece­dented level of service, quality, eff­iciency and value.

Product 3D rendering of an end table, gold-patterned pillow, frame, and lamp.

Product Development

We are relentless in our pursuit of under­standing trends and cust­omer be­havior. By cond­ucting studies and con­sumer re­search, attending top fashion shows, and visiting design centers, we aim to gain key insights to design the right product for our customers.

NBG Home manufacturing and distribution plant worker

Distribution Excellence

A blend of dom­estic manuf­acturing and global sourcing allows us to dev­elop inn­ovative prod­ucts without losing sight of cost. Our global sourcing and quality assur­ance teams help ensure con­sistent quality, ethical sourcing practices, and on-time and complete shipments.

Everly Hart Black Floor-Length Free Standing Black Easel Mirror

What’s New at NBG Home

Framed Black Floor Free-Standing Easel Mirror

This full size mirror is a modern update on the classic leaning mirror with clean modern lines that offers simple, yet contemporary appeal. Framed in a narrow black frame, it boasts clean lines and a sleek finish. It’s lightweight design make is easy to move and adjust with an adjustable easel stand that allows you to tilt the mirror as desired.