NBG Home continues to expand design resources at its new Austin, Texas corporate headquarters to include new mat cutting equipment. The facility already boasts a 1000 square foot sample department dedicated to developing new products, making prototypes, and creating one-of-a-kind examples for its customers.

In an effort to expand capabilities further, the company has recently added a new top of the line Wizard mat cutting machine. Designers can easily create new mat configurations using proprietary software that also comes preloaded with hundreds of basic designs. New mat openings can be cut through boards at a blistering 20 inches per second. Four unique blade cartridges offer a variety of cutting angles and allow a full range of board thicknesses to be used. There is also a pen tool for creating intricate surface patterns and a debossing tool for pressing subtle designs into the mat board.

Customers who have already come to rely on the product development and design resources available at our corporate location this machine is a welcome addition to our team.

Wizard mat cutting machine