Nielsen Bainbridge, a division of NBG Home is excited about it’s growing and expanding resources in China. With recent acquisitions, NBG Home now employs over 120 full time employees in China. The team consists of industry experts in product development, sourcing, customer service and quality control. “With offices in Hong Kong, Dongguan, Yiwu and Shanghai, there isn’t any part of China or any factory that we can’t access, utilize and develop to execute on NBG-Home’s broad assortment of products and expanding product development activities,” said Mark Biggers, President.

The NBG Home team is strategically located to maximize product development and manufacturing for the various products offered by NBG-Home including: lighting, wall décor, soft goods, framing and small furniture. Additionally, the Hong Kong office acts as the international sourcing arm and reaches all of Southeast Asia.

“In December, NBG Home opened an office in Vietnam. The office staff of five are experts within Vietnam and have a vast knowledge of factories that can produce for NBG Home,” said Craig McIntosh, SVP Sales and Marketing. McIntosh went on to say, “We have seen great demand from consumers for goods made in Vietnam. They really appreciate the hand-crafted feel of the products especially in the small furniture category.”

NBG Home Expanding Southeast Asian Resources