Why Choose NBG Home?

As a business, you have many concerns: keeping up with consumer trends, lowering costs, and keeping distribution efficient. So why should you choose NBG Home? What sets us apart from other companies?

Our company is passionate about quality products that reflect market trends, at prices that work for you and your consumer. Our strong distribution relationships and vendor partnerships allow us to provide the best lead times so that you can focus on what really matters: your business.

Expertise & Market Knowledge

Our team at NBG Home has extensive experience in crafting the best and most affordable products for the home decor market. Between market research, data intelligence, and our expertise, no one is more in touch with the modern con­sumer than we are. We are continuously innovating to bring you better service and better products for your customers.

Superior Product Development

From keeping up with trendy new textures, to classic pieces for holidays, to designing timeless traditional pieces and profiles, we keep our fingers on the pulse of modern style. If you’re looking for a private label program, we will create collections that will reflect your brand with precision and sophistication. We have worldwide resources to bring you the freshest and most innovative products every season.

Product 3D rendering of an end table, gold-patterned pillow, frame, and lamp.

We partner with our customers for mutual success.

Merchandising Solutions: Renderings of a home decor store

Merchandising & Retail Support

When you choose NBG Home, you’re not only choosing incredible home decor products: you’re also choosing a partnership. Unlike other vendors, we offer planograms, merchandising solutions, three-dimensional renderings, and market analyses that you can leverage to increase sales. We can help you layout new product lines and create aesthetically-efficient ways to maximize your shelf space and entice customers.

Distribution Excellence

We have a laser focus on quality assurance and sus­tainability. Combining domestic manufacturing and global sourcing, we are able to bring you sophisticated decor while passing on savings to you and your consumers. We demonstrate how good business is an integral part of caring for our communities by using sustainable and ethical practices in everything we do.

Brunette warehouse worker with clipboard and NielsenBainbridge shirt

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